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The links below provide you with access to the Hill & Usher Newsletters known as Green & Golds. These newsletters are published on an as-needed basis to make our customers aware of changes in the Insurance Industry. They cover a wide range of topics from changes in Workers Compensation Rates to new legislation and laws that can effect insurance rates or some other part of the insurance industry. They are presented below in chronological order of release from the most recent issue at the top to the oldest issue at the bottom.

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  • Volume 13, #3
    2008-09 Workers Comp Rates Up Slightly
  • Volume 13, #2
    Identity Theft Protection: Available in Package Choice

  • Volume 13, #1
    Understanding Business Income & Extra Expense Insurance

  • Volume 12, #5
    2008 Workers Comp Rates Up Average of 13.8%

  • Volume 12, #4
    Beware of Back Up of Sewers and Drains

  • Volume 12, #3
    Understanding Assault and Battery Coverage: Bars, taverns, restaurants, and other liquer-serving establishments.

  • Volume 12, #1
    2007 Work Comp Rates Up Slightly: Private WC Carriers Emerge to Compete with AZ State Fund (SCF)

  • Volume 10, #1
    2005 Workers Comp Rates Flat: Premium Decreases Slowing for Most Contractors

  • Volume 8, #1
    2003 Insurance Outlook: Premiums Continue Upward, Rising Costs, Disappearing Coverages Continue as Trend

  • Volume 6, #B1
    House Bill 2600 Becomes Law - The Managed Care Accountability Act

  • Volume 6, #8
    American Subcontractors Association (ASAAZ) Announces Select PROTECT - The Contractors Insurance Program

  • Volume 6, #7
    Personal Insurance Deduction program for Employers

  • Volume 6, #6
    Trim Risk Insurance Program Exclusive for Landscape Contractors

  • Volume 5, #5
    Hill & Usher named Professional Service Company of the Year

  • Volume 4, #3
    Workers Compensation Rates 1993-1999 Analysis
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These newsletters are published on an as-needed basis to make our customers aware of changes in the Insurance Industry.
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