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By submitting this request, you attest to the accuracy and completeness of the information provided. You understand that no coverage is in force until a policy of insurance is approved and issued on your behalf. Hill & Usher will not be held responsible for coverages not available, coverages not requested by you, or limits not sufficient at the time of this submission.

No application will be submitted or bound with the insurance carrier until you have accepted our quotation.

By submitting this request for a quotation, you hereby permit the agency, its employees, owners, and affiliated insurers (HILL & USHER, LLC) to use data contained within your "insurance credit score" as the basis for determining your eligibility for our products where permitted by law.  You understand that an unacceptable "insurance credit score" as deemed by our insurance carrier(s) may result in your ineligibility for coverage.  You agree to hold HILL & USHER, LLC harmless from fault or liability in the event that your "insurance score" is unacceptable to the carrier(s), even if the information contained therein proves inaccurate in any way.
Due to privacy concerns and the proprietary nature of "insurance scores," HILL & USHER, LLC will not know the details of your "insurance score." In compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fcra.htm, you have the right to request information about your "insurance score" or to dispute in writing the results of an unfavorable "insurance score."  Upon request, HILL & USHER, LLC will furnish you with contact information for the relevant credit rating bureau.  Your "insurance credit score" is a combination of your business or personal credit history, loss history, and other factors that may reasonably predict the likelihood of future claims.

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